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With a relentless focus on learning outcomes & user experience, we blend user-centered design with a thorough understanding of adult learning. We work with you to develop effective training modules for SOPs, incident management & incident response across the infrastructure, engineering & energy sectors
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Impactful Training Solutions

We are a team of educators, designers & technologists

We are not just a tech company!


With a relentless focus on learning outcomes & user experience, we blend user-centered design with a thorough understanding of adult learning. We work with you to develop effective training modules for SOPs, incident management & incident response across the infrastructure, engineering & energy sectors


Virtual reality, simulations & interactive games


Gamification enables consistent engagement


Integrated tracking & reporting of user performance


Designed for deployment & remote management

Interactive simulations can be deployed on fixed kiosks, PCs, tablets, smartphones, or even in virtual reality.

These simulations, either in 2D or 3D, can be used to recreate specific environments, such as sections of plants or sites, or entire locations.

Once the environment is created, we can simulate multiple procedures, incidents, etc.

Depending on the objectives, the simulation can be used to train & evaluate users on their proficiency & responses. Depending on the complexity, networked simulations can allow users to work simultaneously in real time in a persistent world to refine their knowledge & skills

If you’ve used modern smart-phone apps, you are familiar with gamification. Star ratings, Facebook likes, twitter hearts; all of these are examples of gamification. They are designed to engage your attention & give you a ‘dopamine hit’.

We use the same principles of instant feedback, combined with UI/UX & visual design to generate the same degree of engagement with the training module. This automatically translates to users paying more attention, and enjoying themselves as they learn. All of which lead to better training outcomes.

Our 360-degree virtual reality solutions can transport the user to the actual site or location. Created using high-fidelity 360-degree videos and / or 3D simulations, users can explore & familiarize themselves with new locations, procedures, etc. without exposing themselves, or company assets, to risk.

Key applications of Virtual Reality include:

  • Safety sensitization: We can recreate falls, accidents, etc. in the safety of a virtual environment to educate & reinforce the importance of following safety protocols
  • New site orientation: For complex sites such as refineries, large mining operations, a virtual reality recreation allows users to familiarize themselves with the site before setting foot there

When combined with our custom VR assessment solutions, we can evaluate & whether the users have understood the key points of the module and assess training effectiveness

Augmented Reality (AR) adds a layer of information on the real-world around you. This can be via dedicated headsets or using smartphones & tablets.

When combined with tools such as marker-based recognition, GPS / beacon-based location detection & machine learning approaches, AR solutions can be highly effective for on-site review of key maintenance procedures, revision & familiarization of updated SOPs, etc.

Such solutions are particularly cost-effective in mission critical areas of plants, refineries, etc. where any errors can lead to downtime or worse.

For high complexity, dynamic & high risk facilities such as refineries, large mining operations, power plants, etc. where employee churn isn’t a major issue, an integrated multi-tech approach may be the most effective.

Such training experience centers can use a combination of virtual reality, augmented reality, interactive tablet / PC / kiosk based games to develop comprehensive training solutions.

Such an approach can be particularly effective when it comes to training on new SOPs, incident management & incident response.

Successful training does not depend on just the content & the technology. If it can’t be used by your staff in field, it is ineffective. Similarly, it is always useful, if not essential, to track user-performance

We work with you to first understand the site conditions and your training / HR systems. We then identify, in collaboration with your team, appropriate solutions for your context, including:

  • Appropriate tech & platform choices
  • Defining reporting requirements, including degree of granularity, the metrics that are tracked, etc.

It is based on this analysis that we identify & design the solution.Deployment & execution is as important as creating the solution for project success, and we will work with you & advise you on appropriate solutions.

Our secret sauce: Why you should work with us

Research & our own experience tells us that, in contrast to just reading / listening, watching videos, etc., we learn better when we are immersed & involved in our learning.


We combine strong story-telling skills with gamified, interactive solutions that leverage instant feedback offered by modern tech (simulations, mobile games) and immersive experiences (360-degree virtual reality, augmented reality), to enhance the effectiveness of your training & skilling programs.

Our Process


Defining project scope & brief

Stage: Consultation

In the first step, we work with you to define the project brief & scope. This includes understanding the SOPs, often visiting the site, and defining the solution features & deployment requirements


Define baseline

Stage: Consultation

Based on the scope definition, we then work with you to set baseline quality & experience standards, often as an initial pilot.


Project Development

Stage: Execution

Based on your inputs at the baseline stage, we move into project development. Often accompanied by a detailed site visit, we will define & deliver on key project milestones


Delivery & Refinement

Stage: Execution

Given the complexity of the solutions we develop, it is often not enough to just send you the application. During this stage, we work with your teams on the ground to optimise the solution, ensuring it can be as effective as possible


Technical Support for deployment

Stage: Support

Its often possible that deployment brings to fore minor issues & observations that, if addressed, can significantly impact outcomes. Therefore, we work with you after project delivery to modify the solution as required.

About Us

With a collective experience in education, design, technology & business spanning 30+ years, we are a young company that blends story-telling, 3D animation, projection mapping & visual design to create high-impact, measurable learning outcomes

Contact Us:


Phone: +91 90990-36963